Training Overview, Basics and Fundamentals

This section contains several videos covering many aspects of trap shooting from the definition of what trap shooting is to the very basics of foot position, gun mount, gun hold and movement.

Mounting Gun Indoors

Overview from Above

Overview from Below

Common Mistakes

Foot Position

Proper Gun Hold

Visual Hold

General Tips

Training Putting It All Together

This section contains videos from each of the 5 stations and demonstrates all of the basics (foot position, gun mount, gun hold and movement) that are covered in the Overview and Fundamentals videos. Usage of the ShotKam gives you a 'birds eye' view of the gun barrel in relation to the target.

Station One

Station Two

Station Three

Station Four

Station Five

Training From a Coaches Perspective

This section contains content from some of the training our Coaches have received including the NRA Level 1 Training. These documents 'describe' and support the fundamentals and overview videos.

Basics and Fundamentals

Trap Shooting Fundamentals