Meet the Team

2012 was the inaugural season for the Rosemount trap team. Since then the team has steadily grown in size over the past 3 years averaging 70 student athletes on our spring teams and 35 student athletes on our fall teams. We have a good mixture of middle school and high school athletes which are made up of mostly male athletes but we continue to have more and more female athletes join our team.

Individual accomplishments:

25 Straight:
  • Dominic Fillip - Spring 2017 Competition Week 2
  • Patrick Murphy - Spring 2017 Competition Week 1
  • Thomas Demeules - Spring 2017 Practice Week 2 & Competition Week 1
  • Jack Waite - Spring 2016 Competition Week 2 & Week 5
  • Dalton Scurr - Spring 2016 Competition Week 3 & Week 4
  • Josh Heimkes - Spring 2016 Competition Week 4
  • John Perry - Spring 2016 Competition Week 3
  • John Haney - Fall 2016 Competition Week 3
Top 25 Male Conference:
  • Dalton Scurr 1st, 23.5 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Jack Waite 3rd, 23.4 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Riley Mensing 6th 22.9 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Graham Wold 8th 22.63 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Jacob Engel 14th 22.4 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Josh Heimkes T for 16th 21.9 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Dominic Filip T for 21st 21.6 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Nicholas Dykhuizen T for 24th 21.5 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • John Perry T for 24th 21.5 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • John Haney - T for 19th 21.2 Conference 14 - 2016 Fall
Overall Top 25 Female:
  • Delaney Scurr 21st, 21.7 Conference 14 - 2016 Fall
Top 25 Female Conference:
  • Delaney Scurr 4th, 20.3 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Delaney Scurr 3rd, 21.7 Conference 14 - 2016 Fall
  • Ailah Mattson 17th, 16.9 Conference 14 - 2016 Fall
  • Ariana Gretz 25th, 12.2 Conference 14 - 2016 Fall
Top 100 Overall:
  • Dalton Scurr T for 51st, 23.5 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • Jack Waite T for 61st, 23.4 Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring

Team accomplishments:

  • 3rd Class 6A Conference 3 - 2016 Spring
  • 4th Conference 14 - 2016 Fall

Meet the Girls:

Meet the Boys:

Meet the Coaches

Doug Scurr - Head Coach

Doug has been the head coach of the Rosemount High School Trap Team for the last 4 years. He received his NRA Shotgun Coach, Level 1 in April of 2015. He considers himself an average trap shooter and has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge over the past 4 seasons about coaching trap shooting as well as our young shooters. Both his children shoot on the team; Dalton has been on the team for 3 years and Delaney who just completed her first year being. He is currently on the board of directors for the West End Trap Club and also volunteers his time at the club. Doug enjoys shooting trap with his fellow coaches, pheasant hunting, deer hunting & snowmobiling with his family.

Randy Griffith - Assistant Coach

Randy has been involved in hunting and clay trap shooting for over 35 years. He has coached many different teams in several sports and am comfortable with the role required to develop positive growth in a team members shooting ability and mental approach to our sport.​ Randy has also volunteered 6 years as head coach for youth Baseball in the Eagan and Rosemount Associations, 4 Years coaching as both an assistant and head coach for Eagan youth Football, 2 Years of NCAA Assistant Coaching for Alpine Skiing for Western State College, and 8 Years as a Scout Master in Boy Scouts. Randy is also NRA Level One Coaching Certified.

Bill Lucier - Assistant Coach

Bill is an assistant coach with the Rosemount High School Trap Shooting Team and holds a NRA level one coaching certificate. Bill grew up in North Dakota where he started hunting at a young age. When he heard that Rosemount had a trap shooting team, he thought this would be a great opportunity to get involved in a sport that he enjoys and a great opportunity for his 2 sons to learn a new sport that they can continue to enjoy long after high school. Bill’s oldest son Trevor has been involved in the Rosemount Trap team for 3 years, his younger son Riley is on the team now and is chasing his older brother’s scores.

Bob Wilson - Assistant Coach

Shotgun hunting as a boy in Ohio was the start of Bob's love for hunting and the outdoors. Bob has since shot pheasant in Iowa, driven shoot in Ireland, fished and hunted caribou in Alaska and bow hunted in Minnesota continuing my love of both the outdoors and hunting. He also enjoys being on a trap team with good friends for many years, including a memorable trip to The Grand American in Ohio. He is a firm believer that if you enjoy hunting or shooting sports you must also support gun safety. Bob has volunteered with the DNR for 22 years to teach youths and adults how to be responsible gun owners and how to hunt and be safe, to promote both hunting and shooting sports.

Judy Micko - Assistant Coach

Judy has worked with kids during the field day of firearm safety classes for 20 + years. I have also shot trap for 10+ years. I have been coaching trap teams for 2 years. I live near Lonsdale on a hobby farm with my husband Jim raising chickens and goats. Other interests include gardening, crafts and going to the casino.

Sean Murphy - Assistant Coach

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Jim Minard - Assistant Coach

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Dave Gretz - Assistant Coach

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