Rosemount High School Trapshooting - FAQ’s

All athletes (male or female) must be 12 years old or older, be in grades 6-12, andmust have successfully completed their Firearm Safety training prior to the registration period. The team maximum size will be determined by the head coach.

Athletes MUST obtain their certification before they can participate. Cutoff dates are set by the MSHSCTL & announced prior to the start of the spring or fall season. Please contact the head coach for specific cutoff dates. When registering, they need to use "PENDING" in the certification number area of the registration. When certification is obtain by the athlete, the coach must edit the member profile in their Team Management System and replace PENDING with the valid certificate number. Any athlete without a certification number will automatically be removed from all rosters prior to the start of the spring or fall season.

The sign-up period will be communicated via the RHS Daily News email communications as well as the RMS News email communications. It will be first-come-first-serve, and all athletes must complete their registration form, sign their Code of Conduct and be paid in full in order to have their spot reserved. Registration cutoff will be determined by the head coach, or when the team fills up. We recommend that you have your child watch for this communication while in school and that parents are signed-up with RHS and/or RMS to receive the daily communication emails.
Yes, however we do expect that the athlete attend ALL trap shooting events. If you are unable to meet this expectation, we request that you not sign-up so there is another available slot for another athlete. Coaches will be as flexible as possible to accommodate athletes that are in multiple sports/activities.
Individual Makeup Rounds Not Allowed!
A team sport must compete as a team.
If a student athlete misses an event and the team does not have any scheduled events for the remainder of the week, they cannot makeup the rounds.
If you allow any special exceptions for an athlete, you have to provide the same opportunity for all athletes on your team. By eliminating special exceptions, we respect the time and contributions of coaches, shooting facilities, and all athletes and families that conform to League and team rules.
If a student athlete misses your scheduled event, then enter a "0" for their round scores. A zero (0) score will not hurt the team score or the athlete's weekly average score that is used for classifications at the Championship. If the athlete's zero score is used in a Competition Week's score, it will disqualify the athlete from competing for the conference and League high average competition. 
Qualifying athletes must compete in ALL Competition Week events.

'0' scores do not disqualify student athletes from participating in the State Championship
Currently both the spring & fall teams shoot weekly on Thursday evenings at the West End Trap Club in Eagan - 4899 Brooklyn Lane, Eagan. Shooting time begins at 4:00pm.
An estimate of costs will range between $280 & $330 for the spring season (9 weeks) and between $200 and $250 for the fall season (6 weeks) & include all shells/targets/shooting fees/team jersey and end of season Fun Shoot(spring only). The cost for the upcoming 2016 spring season is currently being determined and will published when available. Team merchandise is optional, and would be an additional cost. The fee does NOT include any expenses that may be incurred for either of the two state tournaments. More details to be provided at the parent meeting prior to the start of the season.

Future year’s pricing is subject to change based on Gun club fees, League fees, apparel costs or shell costs. The exact fee will be announced before each season’s registration period.

For an example of the team schedule, please view the "Up Coming Events" section of the Home page.

No. All shooting is done at the West End Trap Club and scores are submitted by the coaches via the league website and compared against other schools’ scores within the conference. There will be a MSHSCTL state tournament in Alexandria, as well as a MSHSL state tournament in Prior Lake.

Yes. Each athlete is responsible for providing their own shotgun. No sharing of guns during competitions. Recommended gauges are 12 or 20ga. All athletes should put a piece of tape with their name on it, as there are many similar guns. Neither the coaches nor the West End Trap Club are responsible for any guns or equipment. The athletes are also reminded that guns are NOT allowed on school property at any time. Make arrangements ahead of time for getting your gun transported to the gun club.

Each athlete must provide:

  • Shotgun (recommend 12 or 20ga.) 
  • Gun case 
  • Shell pouch or shell vest. Must be able to hold 2 boxes of shells. 
  • Ear protection 
  • Shooting glasses (not required if athlete already wears prescription glasses). NO sunglasses.

Each athlete will shoot two rounds of 25 targets. Averages are calculated by using the number of hit targets, divided by the number of rounds. The average will be a cumulative average throughout the season. The league average does not include practice rounds.

Example: For a specific night, during the athlete’s two rounds, they hit 15 targets in the first round and 17 targets in the second round. Average = 16 (32/2)

It is a “virtual” competition. The League will group schools into classes and conferences by team-member size. Each team competes against all other teams within their conference. Teams shoot at their local shooting range and then the coaches submit their scores to the League via an online entry system. Scores are tabulated weekly, and results and overall standings are posted on the website so students can see how their school stacks up against others across the state.
3 levels of competition are utilized at the MSHSCTL State Tournament. Throughout the competition weeks, each athlete will have a running average of the number of targets they hit. At the end of the season, their final average will be used to determine what LEVEL they will shoot at during the MSHSCTL State Tournament. Below are the three LEVELS of shooting:

  • NOVICE: Season shooting average is 0 – 14.9
  • JV: Season shooting average is 15 - 18.9
  • VARSITY: Season shooting average is 19 - 25
Yes. Practice rounds are allowed & encouraged on different days from when the team shoots. Check with the gun club for available times. Parents are responsible for supervising their kids during any non-team related practice rounds.

Yes, see the attached lettering policy. Contact the head coach if you have any questions.

Yes. As part of the spring season, there is a MSHSCTL State Tournament that occurs in early June. Every League participant is invited to attend. The participation fee for the MSHSCTL State Tournament is $25 which includes targets, t-shirt, and a back pack of goodies. Participants are responsible for providing their own ammunition, other expenses and transportation to the tournament in Alexandria

Starting in 2014, there will also be a Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) State Tournament. In 2014, the MSHSCTL used the season averages to determine the individual qualifiers. The top 100 athletes in the state were invited. For team competition, the top 3 teams from each conference at the State Championship in Alexandria were invited. It will be held at the Minneapolis Gun Club in Prior Lake.
SAFETY. All athletes are expected to follow team shooting procedures. Failure to do so can result in being removed from the team. No reimbursements will be made.
Trap shooting is one of the safest sports available to student athletes. There have been zero reported injuries and no Gun-Free School Zone violations since the League started in 2001.
Yes, there will be multiple coaches on shooting nights to supervise the athletes and to enforce safe shooting protocol. The league requires one coach for every 10 athletes.

See the MSHSCTL league website.

Contact Rosemount Team Manager at